STT Capital Formations, as the development division of Sthuy'shen 'Telew T-hw, proposes that a reasonable comparison model of an existing for-profit humanitarian organization is the Grameen Bank of Bangledesh - founded by Nobel laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus in 1976.
In this same year STT : Gaia-Watts' founding enterprise group GEL / CBEC launched Phase II of its 100-Year Enviro-Economic Energy SVS-IHHI Development Plan; also, structuring its longterm agenda upon the philosophy of employing global genius into the matrix of these socio-techno private city habitats; designed to survive the impending and unfolding extreme climate change patterns evolving around the world in unprecedented fashion - and, significantly accelerated by human industrial commercial resource development activities. The STT:GWE SVS-IHHI 30,000 population per project sovereign cities incorporate the for-profit humanitarian ethic as the critical principle for both survival in these hostile times; as well as ensuring intellectual properties will flourish within a healthy, vibrant atmosphere of MACRO-MICRO Economics.

The simple logic of employing proven technologies and authenticated natural resources to establish the STT Wealth Management SVS-IHHI Plan significatnly reduces the RISK factors for the STT Develpoment Bonds. And, providing financial accountability through established international accounting and banking standards by contracting leading global legal and accounting firms to manage the vetting integrity of STT activities provides all parties with both transparency and surety.