YOUTH WEALTH OPTIONS is the vested protocol of  THE PEACE & HARMONY TRUST FUND managed by STT.

The Chartered STT TRUST has established business relations with the Canadian banking network since 2006.

Canada's Supreme Court has decided in 2011 that Revenue Canada does not possess jurisdiction to tax accrued interest benefits within the STT mandate.

Hence, the STT Formations Mutual Interests Benefits Strategies [MIBS] invites interested parties to conduct a Due Diligence with our Executive Branch in order to commence the 4-Stage [EOI / MOU / AIP / Contract]:
EOI : Expression Of Interest
Parties enter into a Mutual Interests Agreement [MIA] for Commerce & Trade
MOU : Memorandum Of Agreement
Parties establish Business Plan as related to the SVS-IHHI Formations : Private Cities Developments [PCD] - n.b. PET
AIP : Agreement In Principal
Parties finalize all Terms & Conditions; including the Master Management Contract [MMC]; which determines the strategies for the SVS-IHHI Capital Procurements
Contract : 10-year end-of-term; with roll-over options

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